Wisconsin-Made Bird's-eye Maple Breadboard


Wisconsin-Made Bird's-eye Maple Breadboard


Made in Wisconsin of Bird's-eye Maple, by Edward Wohl.

Measures 7"x15"

Hard Maple, found mostly in the northern US and southern Canada, is prized for its beauty and durability. No one knows what causes only one tree in about 500 to yield some wood that exhibits the distinctive bird’s-eye pattern.

Since bird’s-eye maple varies tremendously in color and grain pattern, each cutting board is crafted using carefully selected sections from a single piece of wood. This custom matching gives each board its distinctive appearance.

Hard maple is the obvious choice for cutting boards both for practical and aesthetic reasons. It's extremely durable, and wears slowly and evenly. Craftsmen consider it highly "workable" – a pleasure to cut, shape and finish with precision. And it's a very stable wood, which means that it resists warping, cracking, swelling and splitting due to the stresses of temperature and humidity. With maple, Ed says he can achieve exactly the shapes he wants, and be assured they'll stay that way.

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Bird's-eye Maple Breadboard (No. 10-7"x15")

To care for your board, hand wash with a mild detergent and warm water.

Towel dry and initially store in a drying rack so that both sides can dry evenly. A Scotch Brite™pad or fine sandpaper will smooth any roughness that develops.

Kiln dried wood is highly susceptible to water and dampness. Never allow one edge or side to be left on a wet surface. Occasionally turn your hanging board to expose both sides to air.

Do not store your board near a stove or other source of heat. Wiping occasionally with mineral oil renews the finish and protects the wood. Let the oil soak in for several hours or overnight and wipe off the excess. To avoid staining, do not leave non stainless metal objects on a wet board.

Oil frequently and never put in a dishwasher.